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Living History

When Montagu’s Regiment create a display we aim to give not only an impression of Military life but the activities of the civilian people of the time, we call this a Living History. This gives the public a unique opportunity to talk to our members and learn about seventeenth century life. During the English Civil War life was turned upside down, families often found themselves on opposing sides: brother against brother, father against son. But everyday life still had to go on; bread had still to be baked, children raised and clothes made and mended, therefore, as part of our displays Montagu’s portray civilian activities such as cooking, sewing, spinning, weaving and wood working.


A living history can be as part of a military encampment using tents or within historic houses or buildings. Montagu’s have members who pride themselves in their living history skills such as our inkle braid maker, spice merchant, laundress, baker and scribe. One of our main displays is the sutlery or kitchen where we show how food was prepared and cooked in the seventeenth century and how food demonstrated power and position. To do this our cooks use reproduction equipment and recipes from the period, whilst they prepare the meals they will explain which ingredients, herbs and spices they are using and show the differences between the meals of the gentry and the ordinary civilian.